Damsel in Distress

Not acting to be a damsel in distress.

I know I am capable of writing my own fairly tale with a perfect happy ending.


Love..Oh! Love!!

Darling I will love you with

All the strength in my bones,

Blood in my body,

Air in my lungs,

Flesh in my muscles, 

Till the last breath of my life I would just admire you.
You are to me,

What an Oasis is to a wanderer in desert.. 

What Home is to a clueless traveller.. 

What Bread is to a hungry beggar.

You are my Joy, You are my Sorrow.

 You are my summer nights, You are my winter mornings.

You are the blooming flowers of Spring, You are the blowing wind of Autmn.

You are just a perfect arrangement of atoms held together.

And your smile was the only god damn reason!.. why the fencing around my heart fall.

(Oh! Darling I love you. And this mere sentences I wrote could not define the amount of unconditional love my heart holds for you.)